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A charismatic jazz vocalist and performer from Israel, Noa has collaborated with prominent Israeli jazz musicians and composers including Yoni Rector, Alon Nadel and more. Noa has recently moved to sing and collaborate in the SF Bay Area's vibrant jazz scene. In 2017 Jazz in the Neighborhood twice recognized Noa as an Emerging Artist, providing her the opportunity to study under and perform with both the eminent Bay Area jazz singer, Clairdee, and the prolific Brazilian jazz singer and composer, Sandy Cressman, with the Electric Squeezebox Orchestra.

Drawing from her Middle Eastern and European background, Noa brings a new sound to iconic jazz tunes, Motown hits and reharmonized popular hits. Noa is a member of the "Jazz Voices of Poetry" project, and is currently working on her debut EP, "Collaboration Nation."  

Noa performs in a jazz duo setting, as well as with her larger band, The Experts. a select group of rising star musicians from the SF Bay Area. Noa is studying at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, California.