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Take Two

TAKE TWO Intro & Behind the Scenes

Being a newcomer in the United States, I looked for meaningful connections and opportunities to speak the universal language of music with like-minded people. Over time, I found in Dillon, Omree and Dan, wonderful partners and creative spirits keen on exploring and connecting. We showcase the fruit of our collaboration in this EP; each track is unique to its participant and bridges our different cultures, music genres and influences, and surprised us with the result.


The Main Thing
is the Music
by Yoni Rechter

יוני רכטר

העיקר זה המוסיקה


Yoni Rechter invited Noa to join his live ensemble in 2010 as a supporting singer. Later in the year, Noa was part of the show, “The Main Thing is the Music” (העיקר זה המוסיקה), first created for Tel Aviv’s Piano Festival. The show earned rave reviews and Yoni and the ensemble went on tour, finally recording a successful live album.


השראה מתוקה

נעם גלפרין

Sweet  Inspiration
By Noam Galperin


Selection of original songs from Noam Galperin's debut album, recorded in 2009. Sweet Inspiration contains lyrics by Israeli poets composed in a wide range of styles by the accomplished pianist, and execued by a super group of singers and musicians.


אשה תחת השפעה

A Woman Under the Influence


Born from a collaboration between Noa and guitarist Immanuel Hatzor, this EP was a recorded at one of the live performances.

Absolute Sunlight

by Immanuel

אור שמש מוחלט 




Israeli guitarist and composer, Immanuel, recorded his first solo album in 2007.  Noa arranged and recorded the album’s backup vocals.

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