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“She has an excellent jazz voice, which is not only trained, but also very swinging and emotionally penetrating to the outside.” - Wolfgang Geise | FULL ARTICLE

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Noa has a beautiful, rounded voice and a magnetic stage presence. She has performed with top level artists in Israel, including Yoni Rector, as well as recently at a private event at SF JAZZ in San Francisco. Noa Levy & The Experts currently has several monthly residencies at San Francisco jazz clubs, including Cafe Claude and Zingari Ristorante & Jazz Club.



”TAKE TWO” EP Jazz Duos - Behind the Scenes

Noa Levy Live Showreel




“Not only here but in “Someday My Prince, Noa Levy proves her sense of jazz feeling.” - Wolfgang Giese | Link to Full Article


“Noa turns out to be a great singer, with an expressive, agile voice.” - Dani Heyvaert | Link to Full Article


“[Noa and her duos] showcase the fruit of their collaboration on this wonderful, truly delightful and uplifting new EP, Take Two“ - Russell Trunk | Link to Full Article


“Possessed of charisma, this artist knows how to enchant her audience; more so, Noa Levy knows how to make every individual in her audience feel she addresses only them and them alone.” - Dmitry Epstein | Link to Full Article


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“Big Blend Radio: Jazz Singer Noa Levy” - Interviewed by Nancy Reid and Lisa Smith | Launch Online Podcast

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“Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally - Take Two Jazz Singer Noa Levy” - Interviewed by Diana Bellerose | Launch Online Podcast